Meir in the Middle

The Masa Kumta, Part II

At kilometer 12 I already start to feel it, that unfriendly pinch on my arms and shoulders. It’s my 30 kilo konenut talking. And there’s 43 kilometers left.

Conventional wisdom conversation between me and myself at Kilometer #12: “Listen, Meir, the pain isn’t gonna go away, so just embrace it and distract yourself from it.”

And that’s exactly what I do.

I take in the sprawling countryside, familiar desert dust replaced by emerald grass and golden wheat, scenery that has yet to entertain the eyes under this helmet. Ari’s classic anglo imitating an Israeli imitating an anglo imitation is cracking us up. Snacks are passed up and down like change on a sherut and I nosh on everything and anything. And by anything I mean anything. Package opens. Meir puts out hand. Food is placed into hand. Meir inserts said food into mouth. Meir could have just eaten moldy jachnun doused in shockingly expired chocolate sauce. Meir will use, “ya but it’s the masa kumta” as his vindicating excuse.

My View from the Snack Train

As night falls I try to sneak a Bissli I’ve been saving out of my vest. I’m a great army sharer, always letting people borrow whatever whenever. But my stomach’s really grumbling and to satisfy it I need to get through this bag, undetected. However, since everyone’s Spidey sense is on gastronomic overdrive, the wrapper’s crumpling naturally perks the ears of a nearby commander.

Commander Gil: Fox! What’s that you’re hiding over there?

Me: Crap. Ehhhhh Bissli. You want some?

Commander Gil : What flavor?

Me: Pizza

Commander Gil : Yallah, hook me up

Yoav: You have Bissli!?

Refael: Meir has Bissli!!

Everyone within a three meter radius: GIMMEEE SOME!!!

(Sigh) They are my brothers, after all.

The kilometers are flying by. After 9 hours pass I fall back to the next machlaka to pay a visit to the other half of team anglo- my boys Eric from NY and Pinney for CA. Eric’s been lugging the MAG and Pinney the 13.5 liter water pack. Both look like they’ve spent the last three days watching C-Span.

I am very heavy.

Hi, I’m the MAG and I’m Heavy

It’s 1:30 A.M. I should be sleepwalking. The stinging numbness in my feet and shoulders should have gotten to me by now. I should be annoyed that there’s still 5 hours left. 

I should definitely not be feeling like I just won a lifetime of free groceries at Trader Joe’s. 


Pinney, not wwwwiiiiiiiiired: Meir, if you start pumping with me with energy right now I’m gonna punch you in the face.

Eric not wwwwiiiiiiiiired : Ya dude, how the hell is your body still functioning?

I’m still not sure. Maybe it’s the energy stuff. Maybe I’m pumped to finish this thing. Maybe, things are just going my way tonight. 

Because it’s that awesome.


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